Altitude19: Futures Refined – Friday 14th June 2019, EY, 1 More London.

Altitude19 sets out to be the social leadership event of the year in the UK.   

It is of interest to CEOs, Directors and Founders of businesses with a social purpose, be these CICs, charities or private companies.

We have an amazing line-up and an innovative format that will guarantee you take something valuable with you when you return to your business.

Altitude19  is a proud production of Social Club (, a diverse collection of social leaders from right across the spectrum, from kitchen-table Founders to corporate CEOs and Director seeking to grow their social impact.  

What unites all of us is a passion for social impact as part-and-parcel of everything we do.

Altitude 19 is a one-day event with three parts:  Future World, Future Organisation and Future Leader.

  1. In Future World, the first part of the day,  we ask ‘What is future outlook for social impact organisations?’ We will be guided in this by Futurist Mark Stevenson ( Mark is author of two bestselling books ‘An Optimist’s Guide to the Future’ and ‘We Do Things Differently’.     Mark is one of the world’s most respected thinkers on the future of society and is committed to helping companies of all kinds become future-literate.   
  2. In Future Organisation, the second part of the day, we ask ‘What will future organisations look like?’  To explore this, we have three very different inputs. 

The first is by Poppy Jaman OBE (, who is the Founder of Mental Health First Aid England ( Poppy led a very small organisation to make a very big change in society’s first response to mental illness and her talk will show that to scale-up an organisation’s impact does not, in a digital age, necessarily mean creating an extremely large organisation.  

The second input is by Cormac Russell of Northwestern University in Chicago ( and author of the book ‘Asset Based Community Development: Looking Back to Look Forward’.   Cormac will explain how organisations designed to focus on the assets of people and communities are far more effective at solving problems than those which simply attack the problem, or deficit, in a person or community from the outside, as expert ‘problem-solvers’.       

Finally, we meet an organisation of the future.  InHouse Records is a simple approach to a complex problem.  Operating inside prisons and on the outside too, InHouse combine art and business to tackle the problem of creating safer communities and brighter futures.   Put in their own words, InHouse are ‘Dangerously Positive’   They will also play live at Altitude19.   

  1. In Future Leader, the third part of the day, we ask ‘What will future leaders look like?’   To examine this question, the scene will be set by Josie Cluer, who is EY’s ( own Director of People Advisory Services.    This session will underline how important the skills of collaboration will be for future leaders.   To succeed on ‘System leadership’ will matter as much as organisational leadership.   Josie will be followed by social entrepreneur Liam Black (, author of ‘The A-Z of Social Enterprise’ .  Liam will share his own unique view based on his and others’ leadership journeys on what will mark out successful social leaders as we prepare for the next decade.  

Delegate participation will be encouraged by use of the interactive App Slido – so you can comment and ask questions without having to shout across a room!

Altitude19 will also have a busy Fringe with Sponsor Surgeries, a showcase of Future technology and much, much more. 

This in an exclusive, intimate event and is limited to  CEOs, Founders and senior Directors. 

If you haven’t already booked, if you are already a Social Club Member, simply book on in the normal way and if not register via our website here and THEN book on via our events page via the Green Ticket icons.  

Booking on to the event is free and does not oblige you to future membership of Social Club.

Altitude19 is supported generously by EY  who are generously providing the space, support and catering for the whole event.

We are also grateful to Our Member Sponsors:

Lightful, Social and Sustainable Capital, Hempsons & Stepping Out